Single use surgical instruments.

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Just Quality

Quality of manufacture and irreproachable ethics.
Our intruments are CE marked and manufactured in compliance with current international standards. All our products are subject to rigorous quality testing throughout the design and manufacturing. We inspect each surgical instrument that we manufacture, and every instrument is hand finished. We strive to operate and behave in an ethical and responsible way.

Just One Use

The acronym “Just One Use” affirms the single use characteristic of our instruments.
Safety : reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Economy : eliminate the costs of repair and sterilization. Performance : manufactured form medical grade stainless steel, our single use instruments have the same grip, weight and balance of reusable instruments. Convenience : reduce theatre preparation time, presentation in sets or individually.

Just Innovation

Continuous improvement and innovation are our driving force. Our research and development team is constantly monitoring the market in order to offer surgical instruments in line with expressed needs. Our Know-how is at the disposal of the users for any request for development of new or custom made instruments.